Sunday, July 28, 2013

Texas Rangers Pitcher's Lie Falls Apart

Tanner Scheppers
"He lost a bar fight." A day after Texas Rangers pitcher Tanner Scheppers claimed to have been sucker punched on his way back to the team hotel in Cleveland, a witness came forward to say Scheppers got his ass beat in a fight that he started. The "sucker punch" happened early Friday morning (2:30) and not Thursday night, as Scheppers claimed. His injuries, cuts around his nose and bruising around his eyes, forced Scheppers onto the unable to pitch list Friday night. On Saturday, people who were at the "bar" not the sidewalk where Scheppers claimed he was cold-cocked said Scheppers, accompanied by teammates A.J. Pierzynski, Joe Natan, and several woman, was a verbal instigator.
Despite poor ole Tanner being jumped, he refused medical attention or to file a police report. The witness said Scheppers had 10 chances to walk away but didn't. I will say this about the social evolution about this country. Scheppers knew better than to claim a bunch of black guys had jumped him. Nowadays, that's an obvious tell. And by the way, I'm sure Pierzynski and Natan might not like having to explain who the women were. Oh and Rangers manager Ron Washington might have something to say about being lied to.

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