Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Late Call. Marshall Henderson Busted in May For Drugs

Marshall Henderson is at it again. The oft busted Ole Miss guard was arrested. Police say he
Marshall Henderson and fan
"appeared" to have coke and pot. Something tells me that word "appeared" is just the wiggle room police need to drop the charges. The report just hit the Wall Street Journal yesterday, but the arrested happened in May. Henderson has been suspended indefinitely by his team for violating team rules. This isn't Henderson's first rodeo. Henderson was arrested in 2009 for misdemeanor forgery after buying marijuana with counterfeit money and again in 2011 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.
(Sounds like the confession in "Airplane II." "Father, I got an underage girl at work pregnant, then I had to steal from the company to pay for the abortion)
He served time in jail after the second arrest because he violated his probation. Ole Miss has said the coaches were aware of Henderson's past when he signed with the program. Ole Miss suspended Henderson for this latest addition to his jacket, but only AFTER the story became public. I'm sure they knew about it when it happened.
Henderson blowing on fingers

FOX Sports reporter and underwear model Erin Andrews tried to beat up the suspect in custody by Tweeting:

Erin Andrews        ✔ @ErinAndrews
He mocking anyone now? RT @GaryParrishCBS: Marshall Henderson's suspension is related to a failed drug test, a source told @CBSSports.

The mocking crack a reference to Henderson's mocking of and the flipping off of a crowd on the road during a game last season.

Henderson was the first to respond:

marshall henderson @NativeFlash22
@ErinAndrews ima save that and you will be the first person ill mock 🙀
Erin Andrews

Then, his minions came out the woodwork:

@ErinAndrews talking trash to Marshall Henderson = 486 RTs 286 Favs. @NativeFlash22 responding to her tweet = 2,498 RTs 1,999 Favs. #Boss

This was retweeted nearly 2500 times and favorited 2000 times!


"Cocaine isn't the enemy here. It's the media." #FreeMarshall #GoneTilNovemberLikeWeezy

Chad Gaudin
Could this be the continuation of a pattern? You'll recall earlier this week SF Giants pitcher Chad Gaudin was FINALLY charged with groping a woman on an emergency room gurney, even though that happened in January, and there were WITNESSES. Gaudin was to drunk to vomit, but somehow charges could only be filed 7 months later!

Where's the condemnation? This wasn't the first time Henderson sunk lower than Lindsey Lohan. Yet those good ole boys love him. Henderson can get caught with pot and coke in one traffic stop and people jump to defend him. All Dwight Howard did was decide he wanted to play somewhere else.

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