Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Homer Bailey, Two No-Hitters In 10 Months. How About In Both Leagues?

Last night Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey threw his second no-hitter in 10 months. He shut out my San Francisco Giants 3-0. Bailey There have been 117 no-hitter thrown in MLB since 1947.
(At The Barbershop does not recognize records complied during MLB's racist era)
Seventeen people have pitched multiple no-hitters. (Again, we don't count anything before 1947)

But the list of pitchers who have pitched multiple no-hitters, gets mighty short when you look at the pitchers who have done it in both leagues.

1) Randy Johnson - pitched no hitters for the Seattle Mariners (AL) on June 2, 1990 and the Arizona Diamondbacks (NL) on May 18, 2004. The no hitter for the Diamondbacks was a perfect game.
2) Hideo Nomo - pitched no hitters for the Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) on September 16, 1996 and the Boston Red Sox (AL) on April 4, 2001.
3) Nolan Ryan - pitched no hitters for the California Angels (AL) on May 15, 1973, July 16, 1973, September 28, 1974, and June 1, 1975 and the Houston Astros (NL) on September 26, 1981 and Texas Rangers (AL) on June 11, 1990 and May 1, 1991.
4) Jim Bunning - pitched no hitters for the Detroit Tigers (AL) on July 20, 1958 and Philadelphia Phillies (NL) on June 21, 1964. The no hitter for the Phillies was a perfect game.

Just four guys!

Nolan Ryan is awesome. He pitched 4 no-hitters in three years, including two in 1973!
Why don't we count MLB's racist era? The list of two no-no's in both leagues would not have included Hideo Nomo if the league was still THAT racist. Makes you wonder how many of those no-hitters prior to 1947 would have been broken up by a more talented black man who was not allowed to play.

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