Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scheming Belichick Can Say Nothing About Hernandez Without Saying Something About Himself

Bill Belichick
No matter what Bill Belichick does the media loves him. Get caught cheating for 7 years, no problem. Draft someone half the teams in the NFL wouldn't touch because of multiple reports the guy was a murder suspect waiting to happen, no problem. Today, the New England Patriots head coach addressed the media with respect to former Patriot Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez is charged with murdering his friend Odin Lloyd. In one of the first stories following Belichick's news conference, writer Greg Bedard from a new site called MMQB, wrote, Belichick was "contrite, sympathetic and genuine." Really? Belichick refused to answer even the most basic questions, like why did you draft Hernandez when three years ago, before the draft, at least half the NFL teams were telling anyone who would listen, that they wouldn't draft Hernandez because of the likelihood of trouble on his horizon. Hernandez
Hernandez (81) and Belichick
was supposed to be drafted no later than the second round. The Patriots drafted him in the fourth round. What a bargain hey Bill? The Belichick statements from today follow owner Bob Kraft's performance as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. In his press conference last week, Kraft claimed he was duped by Hernandez. "Poor 'lil ole me. I'm smart enough to maneuver my way into running a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, (Gillette) but I was no match for a 21 year-old football player from the University of Florida.' You guys didn't know about all Hernandez' "bar" problems, or shooting an acquaintance in the face? Tom Brady told Tim Tebow, Hernandez was an issue during a 5 second
Tom Brady and Tim Tebow
post-game handshake, but I guess Brady never said anything to his head coach. And now the media is lining up again behind the a liar and a cheater, and I'm not talking about Ryan Braun. Braun has been suspended from Major League Baseball for the rest of the season. The alleged reason is that Braun got caught using or admitted using drugs that are banned by MLB. Since the suspension was announced earlier this week, Braun has been subjected to calls for his permanent suspension, to a string of anti-Semitic Twitter rants. Belichick was caught VIDEOTAPE opposing teams defensive signals in 2007, a violation of NFL rules and a potentially huge competitive advantage. During the ensuing investigation, it was revealed that he had been doing this since 2000. Belichick was not suspended for one game. No one in the media called for the three Super Bowls the Patriots won, all during the time Belichick
was cheating, to be vacated. And no one in the media called for Belichick to be banned for life.Today, Belichick is cheating again. He is lying about what the team knew about a member of the New England Patriots charged with planning and carrying out a murder.This isn't the only dastardly thing Belichick has done. Just last year he grabbed an official following a loss, and earlier this year, Belichick refused the traditional, on-field post game interview. Why? Because the Patriots lost and Bill was too busy pouting to act like professional coach who gets paid way too much to have a job many of us would do for less money. And now Belichick is again acting like a child by refusing to talk about what the team knew about Hernandez and when they knew it. But just like the seven years Belichick was caught cheating, the media will let this slide, while treating players who do the same, like they were Aaron Hernandez.

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