Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ryan Braun Brings The Hitler Out in Baseball Fans

Ryan Braun
You all know about Ryan Braun being suspended from MLB. He was suspended without pay for the rest of the year, 65 games. The apparent reason is the use of banned drugs. But did you see this insane anti-semitic Twitter crap! When it comes to race relations and anti-Semitism this country is going backwards. There was a time, not too long ago, when people would never put their names next this kinds of pathology. Not any more. Thanks President's Nixon and Reagen's southern strategy!
For the record, Braun's father is Jewish, not his mother.
And this is only the Huffington Posts list of the ten MOST anti-Semitic. That was my reaction too. You mean there's more?!


Ryan Braun really pulled a Jew move. He ancestors taught him well ‪#‎steroids‬ ‪#‎cheatingthesystem‬

— JMahoney26 (@JMahoney26) July 22, 2013

Dear Ryan Braun, burn in hell you dumb Jew.

— Jimmy Jablonowski (@JimmyJabs5) July 22, 2013

Great, another famous Jew who lied to get ahead. Ryan Braun, I welcome you to the prestigious company of Bernie Madoff.

— Andrew Gerson (@grrrson_person) July 22, 2013

ryan braun you had this coming you jew

— Tommy Kirkpatrick (@bornin93) July 22, 2013

Of course Ryan Braun took steroids. He's a Jew, and last I checked, sports aren't really their thing.

— Tyler Winslett (@TylerWinslett1) July 22, 2013

Ryan Braun typical sneaky Jew

— Justin Spisto (@Just_In_Time618) July 22, 2013


— Money Makin Mitch (@THEFREEMAN24) July 22, 2013

"@Team_nola: Ryan Braun's Jew ass just got suspended  come on man!!! Can't be juicing!" Might be the Jew way to cheat!

— Mr. Steal Ya Girl ! (@DJTHAImyshoes) July 22, 2013

Didn't anyone report this as inappropriate? What if the same number of people spewed this garbage against the Twitter Mothers and Fathers? Are we even reading this?
Following the Trayvon Martin verdict I was really starting to feel like a marked man. Now, I'm glad I'm black.

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