Saturday, July 6, 2013

Asiana Flight 214 Video

Federal investigators at SFO will be picking threw the weeds and runway 2-8, L in the coming days trying to figure out how Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed this morning.
Asiana Airlines Flight 214
Eyewitness accounts, coupled with physical evidence at the scene, seem to indicate the Boeing triple "7" barely made the runway. Witnesses say the plane's rear end made contact with a rock wall separating the runway from the bay, and then cartwheeled to a stop several hundred yards up the landing area. The plane came to rest on its belly with the top of the fuselage peeled back like a sardine can, and flames and smoke rushing toward the San Francisco morning air. The flight left Seoul, South Korea at 5pm local time Friday and arrive at SFO about 12 hours later on Saturday at approximately 11:35 am with 303 passengers and crew aboard. Two people were killed and 181 people were reported injured.

Passenger accounts of what happened have already begun in the aftermath of this tragedy. We have video of the moments after the crash that you won't find many other places. This video was taken from a live video feed provided by a peninsula hotel.

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