Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Brooklyn Nets Introduced on Flatbush Avenue

The Brooklyn Nets today introduced the core of their new team.
Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry
Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry were traded to the borough of Brooklyn from the Boston Celtics. The Nets are essentially rebuilding with players another team jettisoned so it could re-build with younger players. How hopefully are Brooklyn's trolley dodgers? The NY Daily News is ignoring the elephant in the room. All three will be 36 years-old during the season. That's young, if you're the head coach. (Nets head coach Jason Kidd is 40) But if you're just a few years away from receiving an AARP card and you're trying to play in the NBA, it could be a problem. On the other hand, Terry, Garnett, Pierce and Kidd all have NBA champiionships in the past 5 years. And despite being being 36 last year, Garnett averaged 30 minutes and 14.6 points a game. The Celtics were 17-10 in games Garnett out scored his match-up man. Pierce averaged 34 minutes and 18.6 a game, and were 27-17 in games he outscored
Jason Kidd
HIS match up man. And let's not forget, Deron Williams is on this team and he can finish like Tony Parker. Joe Johnson and his $21.4 million salary is also still on Flatbush Avenue. With the pressure off of Johnson you might see him improve on his 14.9 points per game. And a lot of people forget, Williams 20.6 ppg weren't enough for leading scorer honors on the Nets. Brook Lopez sank 22.3 a game last season. The question for the Nets; is age nutin' but a number or will be the reason for another re-build after this season.

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