Friday, July 19, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Returning to the New York Yankees, but for how long?

The Yankess are confirming (to the USA Today) that Alex Rodriguez will return to the Yankees on
Alex Rodriguez
Monday. A-Rod underwent an operation to repair a torn labrum and bone impingement in his left hip in January. He hasn't played one game this season.. Rodriguez is currently rehabbing in the minors at Trenton, NJ. Fans would say A-Rod's absence is the reason the team is under achieving, again. The Yankees have played four people at third base this season. New York's third basemen are batting .230/.291/.316 with four home runs. Their .607 OPS the lowest mark in the American League at the position. The Yankees are only doing a little better. They're sitting at 51-44, good enough only for 4th place in the American League East. No one is looking for A-Rod to be a savior because know one knows how long he'll be in the line-up. It's not another injury fans are
Biogenesis Lab list
worried about, its this Biogenesis Labs investigation MLB is conducting. A local Miami weekly paper blew the lid off an alleged drug supply chain to the majors from the lab. All of the information is being supplied by anonymous sources. A-Rod's name appeared on a lab list along with other players, including Melky Cabrera, last year's All-Star game MVP, and Ryan Braun, the NL MVP in 2011. At least one media outlet is saying A-Rod was interviewed last week by the league in connection with the investigation. If the league finds Rodriguez responsible, he could be face a 100 game suspension. Even if he is suspended, I'm betting he'll return to the league. He's got 647 career home runs, but 700 sounds sooo much better.

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