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"We will serve fried chicken."-Sergio Garcia's dinner invitation to Tiger Woods

 "We will serve fried chicken."

This isn't like finding out that Solylant Green is people, or "To Serve Man," is a cookbook, this is something we should have all seen coming.
It's people!
Sergio Garcia has been aggressively squaring off against Tiger since 1999, when he won an exhibition match against Woods and acted like he won his first cake walk as a 5th grader. We now know why Sergio Garcia doesn't like Tiger Woods: one Woods is a better golfer, which is no big deal because a lot of people are better than Garcia, but he just can't stand being beaten by a black guy. It all came out into full view on Tuesday. Garcia was on stage at the European Tour's gala players' awards dinner, where he was asked in jest if he would have Woods for dinner one night during the upcoming US Open. "We will have him round every night," García said. "We will serve fried chicken.
According to the Sun newspaper, "That comment was greeted by a stunned silence at the plush function at a Heathrow Hotel and Garcia’s European Ryder Cup team-mates — who shared the stage with him — looked away in embarrassment."

Earlier this month, Garcia, in true form, complained about Woods at the Players Championship . 
It's a Cookbook!
The complaint was that Woods knew that by pulling a club out of his bag the crowd would cheer and disrupt Garcia's shot from the fairway. Woods claimed that marshals told him Garcia had already hit. The press, drunk with the excitement at a chance to lump Woods in with all the other black athletes they hate, too the word of two tournament Marshal's who claimed they never spoke to Woods and claimed he lied. The steam ran out of that allegation when two other Marshal's said Woods had heard them say Garcia had hit. 
Yesterday, the press pressed Woods on whether he would call Garcia and try to move behind the ugly incident. Woods simply replied, "no."
Garcia's response, coming so close to the one Woods made, shows everyone why Tiger is not only a champion, but a class act.  
Sergio Garcia (left)
The question is now what will the PGA and European Tour's say and do about this. More immediately, what how serious will the media take the "fried chicken" remark. As serious as they took the "Woods lied," faux controversy.
Tiger Woods

And here is another thing worth mentioning, people in europe apparently know that eating fried chicken is a stereotype of black people. Since they know that, Europeans must also know all the other stuff. Garcia just blew their cover.

Here are some of the headlines from across the web about this story. So far most are agreed that what Garcia said was racist, but most aren't ready to call him a racist.

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What has been an entertaining and enjoyable feud between two of the biggest names in golf turns ugly.

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Sergio Garcia Has Now Made A 'Fried Chicken' Joke About Tiger ...

2 hours ago – At the European Tour's gala players' awards Garcia was jokingly asked if he would have Woods round for dinner during the U.S. Open, Ewan ...

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2 hours ago – Sergio García has reportedly made a 'racist' crack about his old ...congratulations and enjoy it and tell him not serve fried chicken next year.

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13 mins ago – Sergio Garcia said his "fried chicken" comment involving Tiger Woods on Tuesday was not meant 
"in a racist manner." The remark evoked ...

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25 mins ago – Sergio Garcia said he was joking when he made a fried chicken joke about Tiger Woods. (Richard Heathcote/Getty Images). Sergio García's ...
Sergio Garcia apologizes for Tiger Woods 'fried chicken' remark

49 mins ago – The Spaniard was on stage at the European Tour's gala players' awards dinner, where he was questioned by the Golf Channel's Steve Sands.

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