Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marshall Henderson Has All The Luck

Ah, the coquettish daliences of a college basketball player's social media musings.
Marshall Henderson
Sports Illustrated's "Extra Mustard" page has broken the story of a budding summer love affair between Marshall Henderson, a guard at Ole Miss, and Amanda Bynes. (She's an actress?) Henderson recently Tweeted his damsal in distress an offer to help her out of a situation. By running this story "Extra Mustard" is playing along, when they should be ripping Henderson, who has a rap sheet as long was those jumpers he hits for Ole Miss.
Amanda Bynes
Bynes was arrested last Thursday night in her NYC apartment for pot possession and throwing evidence out of her window. Things went downhill from there. Someone impersonating the recording artist Rihanna, posted some Tweets highly critical of Amanda. She responded with some ridiculously childish low blows. One claimed that Rihanna's former boyfriend Chris Brown, beat her up because Rihanna is ugly. When Amanda found out the Tweets were fake, well she couldn't take back the horrible things she said. Now Bynes says she's going to sue the NYPD.

So she needs help, but I'm sure Henderson isn't the one to help her. Perhaps he was being facetous when Henderson Tweeted:

where is amanda bynes?!? i need to holla at her, help her get her shiz together hehe
2:27 PM - 28 May 2013

"Extra Mustard" should treat Henderson the way they treated:
Josh Bryant

Josh Brent, the Dallas Cowboy who was accused of violating the terms of his bail. A judge denied a prosecutors request to have bail revoked, but the media covered the story as if Brent had violated the terms. 

Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jacksonville Jaguar was accused of assault in a complaint. Several media outlets reported that Jones had been charged with battery, including ESPN. Jones-Drew was not charged and probably won't be charged.

Dez Bryant, the Dallas Cowboy receive who today received some pedestrian advice from Michael
Maurice Jones-Drew
Jordan, "Stay out of trouble." (That MJ is a genius!)

Both Brent and Bryant have been arrested, but have not been convicted. This flirty, isn't it cute, SI story makes light of Henderson's misdeeds.

A 25-day jail stint last spring was due to a failed drug test in which he tested positive for alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. The junior guard had been on probation following a 2010 arrest for forgery after he was caught purchasing marijuana with $800 worth of counterfeit money. Plus, he threw ice at fans during a road game. But SI, wants to make this a possible love story, between trouble but well-intentioned young lovers. Bynes and Henderson both are crazy, and not worthy of even the suggestion of a fair tale.

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