Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Members of Congress Write NFL Owner About Racist Nickname, "Redskins"

Ten members of congress have sent a letter to the owner of Washington D.C.'s NFL franchise urging him to change the nickname of the team.
Just last month Dan Synder vowed never to change the name. The Congressmembers say the nickname "Redskin" is offensive to Native Americans. It should be offensive to everyone, but its not. This is America and unless something effects Americans directly, its likely they won't care. An Associated Press poll done earlier this month found that only 11 percent of those surveyed wanted to change the name.
Dan Synder
According to the letter, Native Americans throughout the country consider the name "Redskin" just like the word nigger, or the word wetback. At least one republican signed the letter. Tom Cole is a republican from Oklahoma and is a member of the Congressional Native American Congress.
The letter says that the leader of the Penobscot Nation, Chief Kirk Francis, considers the word a reminder of genocide in Colonial America. (The killing arelocation of native people occurred long after America's colonial period, so the Chief is extending an olive branch)
In March a group of Native Americans went to court to get the Washington franchise to change its name or lose its trademark rights. The basis of the lawsuit claims the 1946 Trademark Act prohibits trademarks, which may disparage persons living or dead.

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