Saturday, March 30, 2013

Serena beats Maria Sharapova, again

How good is Serena Williams? After losing the first set today to Maria Sharapova, and being tied 3-3 in the second, Serena won the next nine games and the Sony Championship in Miami for the 6th time.
As always, Sharapova behaved like an asshole. Following the match, she barely acknowledged Serena in the traditional post match handshake and then ignored her as Serena put a hand on Sharapova's shoulder and tried to speak with her.

Serena Williams

Hey Maria, maybe that's part of the reason you're 2-12 all-time against Serena. Williams hasn't lost to Sharapova since Los Angeles 2004. Serena came up with an abdominal injury during the match, but still fought for a 4-0 lead in the third set, before losing the set 6-4, and the match. That didn't stop Sharapova from celebrating each winning point like it was 1999. How hurt was Serena, he's a link to the whole match.

There are plenty of examples of Serena's obvious pain. You can start with 1:20:20, the gurl couldn't even serve. But watch how gracious Serena is following the match. 1:26:15 Maria I'm talking to you. I'm not the only one who remembers Maria's behavior at this match. Given Serena's 11-0 record against her since this match. I'm guessing the world number woman tennis player, hasn't forgotten either.

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