Friday, March 22, 2013

Is Jack Cooley this generations Spike Lee? Not in any way

Notre Dame forward Jack Cooley talks shit about Iowa State, they make him eat shit. Earlier this week, Notre Dame forward Jack Cooley was asked how the Fighting Irish would match the speed of Iowa State. Instead of making a comment that wouldn't rile-up the other team, Cooley compared the speed on Iowa State with the speed on De Paul, a team that won only two games this year.
Jack Cooley

Cooley proceeded to call Iowa State too short. Not the rapper, but the vertically challenged. “We felt disrespected,” guard Korie Lucious said. “I mean, DePaul was last in their conference this year. It was kind of like a slap in the face. We came out and tried to prove him wrong.”
But tonight the media or the fans aren't saying Cooley lost the game by pumping up the Cyclones with his comments. Yet, that's exactly what the media did with the nigga they love to hate. (Well, one of the niggas they love to hate)

From the AP June 3, 1994
"Fans calling all-sports radio station WFAN said the Pacers' Reggie Miller got fired up and went on a 25-point, fourth-quarter scoring tear after the ''Do the Right Thing'' director baited him with ''trash talk'' from his courtside seat Wednesday night."

I'm sure those fans weren't enabled at all by the jocks. That's what gets the highest ratings, hating on loud talkin', fancy dressin', white man disrepectin' uppity niggas. Did you ever hear Reggie Miller say Spike Lee was the reason the Pacers won that game?

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