Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blackballed vs. Tolerated Part Three

Vincent Wrice Part Three of a Three Part Series

Blackballed vs. Tolerated.

Lovie Smith                                                     vs.                                                 Jeff Fisher                   

Lovie Smith was fired from the Chicago Bears on December 31, 2012 when the team failed to reach the playoffs after achieving a 7-1 record at the season's halfway point. Despite a winning record, in 2012 and a Super Bowl appearance, he is without a coaching job.
• Regular season 81–63–0
• Postseason 3–3
• Career record 84–66–0
• Championships won NFC North (2005, 2006, 2010) NFC Championship 2006
• Coach of the Year 2005
Jeff Fisher has been coaching since 1994. He has enjoyed a wonderful rapport with the media as well as a great reputation with fans. His record however, is not as great as his reputation.
• Regular season 159–128–1
• Postseason 5–6
• Career record 154–133–1
• Championships won AFC Central (2000) AFC South (2002, 2008)
AFC Championship 1999
Lovie Smith had a record above .500 5 of 9 years as a head coach, while Jeff Fisher had a record above .500 6 of 17 years. Lovie Smith had Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman as Starting QBs while Jeff Fisher had Steve McNair (won an MVP), Vince Young (won an Rookie of the Year award) and Kerry Collins as starters. Clearly the quarterback edge clearly in favor of Coach Fisher, he has not fared as well as Smith. Note that 122 of his 149 wins were while McNair and Young were his starting QBs. Without them, his record is 27-43 (38%). Why is one still coaching while the other isn’t?

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