Monday, March 25, 2013

Blackballed vs. Tolerated. part two in a series of three

Vincent Wrice..Blackballed vs. Tolerated.
part two in a series of three

Vince Young                                                             vs.                                               Mark Sanchez

Vince Young a great mobile quarterback with an exceptional winning percentage.
Young had a career record of 31-19 (30 and 17 while the #1QB at Tennessee). The rookie of the year in 2006 and went to the Pro Bowl twice. He is currently unsigned to an NFL roster.
• TD–INT 46–51
• Passing yards 8,964
• Completion pct. 57.9
• Passer rating 74.4
• Rushing yards/touchdowns 1,459/12
Sanchez has a career record of 33-29.
• TD–INT 68-69
• Passing Yards 12,092
• Completion pct. 55
• Passer rating 71.7
• Rushing yards/touchdowns 342/12
Football commentators often cite winning as a key statistic in evaluating quarterbacks. Vince Young has been deemed emotionally incapable of being an NFL quarterback. This claim was influenced by comments from and treatment of Jeff Fisher, his head coach who was under pressure to play Tennessee’s 1st round pick and crowd favorite. Fisher, being a media favorite and insider, played his hand well. Fisher’s record at Tennessee without Young at Starting QB was 15-18.

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