Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why Use the N-Word When You Can Use Code Words?

Here's what Pro Football Draft network said about a group of QB's who were taken first in the NFL draft.
Tim Couch
"Tim Couch (1999 NFL Draft), Michael Vick (2001 NFL Draft),
Alex Smith
David Carr (2002 NFL Draft), Alex Smith (2005 NFL Draft) and JaMarcus Russell (2007 NFL Draft) were all disappointments, as the top pick. All of these players lacked either elite physical talent or the rare intangibles (work ethic, instincts for the position) to become a star."

Michael Vick
Which ones do you think Pro Footbal Draft network meant lacked elite physical talent and which ones do you think they meant lacked intangibles, like work ethic? (David Carr had/has neither)

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