Friday, April 12, 2013

NFL Player's Dad Suing Cowboys Stadium (and for good reason)

When I first heard that Danny Amendola's father was suing Cowboys stadium, I brushed it off as just another person trying to sue someone with deep pockets. Even when I learned there was video of the incident, I still didn't think much. Well, I've changed my mind and this video helped change it.

Willie Amendola is the guy who finally jumps off 30 yards after impact. He's seeking $1 million in damages, and here's the B.S. part. Although he wasn't seriously injured in the incident, Amendola is suing for "past and future physical pain and suffering; past and future mental anguish and past and future medical expenses," among other things.

If you're not seriously hurt, how about they pay for your medical expenses and we call it a day?

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