Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ryan Denies Drug Use, Despite Positive Test, New Investigation

The chickens are finally coming home to roost for Ryan Bruan, they're just waddling back really slowly.
An ESPN report says 20 major 
Ryan Braun
leaguers, including Braun, will be fingered by a witness in an investigation into drug use by major league baseball. The witness is Anthong Bosch and he will say that all used drugs banned by baseball. Bosch is the founder of the now defunct Biogensis Lab in Miami. Earlier this year, Bosch and his lab were linked to drug use among some major leaguers. Braun is one of the players named in the earlier media report, as well as the ESPN report from yesterday. Braun has already tested positive for HGH, Human Growth Hormone. The positive test came at the end of the 2011 season, just after Braun had been voted the National League MVP, by the media. And now, even though the media broke this story, (if it is accurate) the media are the same people who seem to be holding out hope that Braun can beat the rap, again. Following the 2011 season, the MVP award and the
positive HGH test, Braun appealed the 50 game suspension he was given for getting busted, and won. Braun never claimed that wasn't HGH in his urine. Just that the security of the chain of custody of the sample did not follow agreed upon rules. Earlier this year, members of the media accepted as true, when a number of players appeared on a list kept by Biogensis, which has been likened to BALCO, the Bay Area Labratory Cooperative founded by Victor Conte. 

{To give you an idea of the bias operating openly with regard to banned drugs, the media never refers to Braun as someone who used performance enhancing drugs, or PED's, even though he tested positive. On the other hand, even though Barry Bonds never tested positive, the New Times report that broke the story about Biogensis earlier this year says BALCO provide Bonds with steriods.
 Braun tested positive: not a steriod user. 
Bonds never tested positive for steriods: he used steriods.}

 The list was leaked to the New Times by an employee, who confirmed that the lab had not only worked with the list of almost exclusively baseball players, but had supplied them HGH, testosterone, and anabolic steroids. One of the names on the list was Alex Rodriguez. Earlier in his career Rodriguez had voluntarily admitted taking steroids to help him stay on the field. The media also hates Rodriguez. He made an earlier attempt to foster a friendly relationship with the media, but most said it
Alex Rodriguez
smelled of fake smiles and compliments, and rejected Rodriguez as a self promoting charlatan. So when this story came out, so did every sports writer who hated Rodriguez, which is just about every sports writer. All others on this list were condemed as well, but none more than Rodriguez who is one of those players the media and the fans love to hate. The documents about Rodriguez and the others had been used in the media as proof, that Rodriguez had had a relapse. The documents were indisputable evidence of drug use by the players on the list. Two weeks later, when new documents from the same lab, connected Braun to Biogensis, the enthusiasm to convict in the media wasnt so strong. Suddenly, the documents the media had accepted as true in the other cases, were subject to question when it came to  Braun. The USA Today said the list by no means proof that Boigensis suppplied Braun with banned substances.

Rodriguez on the list: proof he used drugs.
Braun on the list: not proof he used drugs.

Braun's explanation was that he had paid lab founder Bosch as a consultant in Braun's appeal to overturn his suspension stemming from the 2011 positive HGH drug test. Braun's own lawyer denied Bosch was used in the appeal. Today the media is still in the kind of denial it was under during the 7 straight years Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France. The media refuses to unleash the full power of hate and scorn on Bruan just like it did with Armstrong. But with evidence and witnesses lining up to cooperate with MLB's investigation, the time is soon coming when Braun will have to take a seat right next to Armstrong on trash heap of athletes the media, try as they might, just can't prop up anymore as a heroes. 

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