Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LGBT Heckles First Lady.

A LGBT activist interupted a speech by First Lady Michelle Obama last night.
Michelle Obama
The interuption came during a fundraising speech she was giving in Chicago. It's not only FLOTUS' hometown, its also one of the ground zeros in the fight for restricting access to certain high-capacity clip magazines and background checks. Legislation on both those issues failed in the Senate earlier this year.
Ellen Sturtz

The First Lady had been talking about violence and the shooting death of Hadiya Pendleton. The 15 year-old Chicago teenager was shot and killed just a week after performing during President Obama's inauguration. While the country can't get together on a compromise for gun control, several gay rights issues have moved forward with super sonic speed. Of course, the fight won't be over until, everyone has equal rights, but last night's action by Ellen Sturtz was extremely inappropriate. For one thing, the President has the influence, not the First Lady. Second, the President now supports gay marriage and has spoken out against discrimination in all forms on several occasions. And let's not forget that 15 states, have now legalized gay marriage. Sturtz's blurt was meant to pressure the President to issue an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees and job applicants. I don't know why the President hasn't signed the order. He should.  Bur confronting the First Lady sounds like something an activist group does when it doesn't have a supporter in the White House, and then you heckle the President not the First Lady. But given the White House's past of working with the LGBT community and its support of gay marriage, Ellen, this was the wrong tactic taken against the wrong person.

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