Friday, June 14, 2013

Jackson Says It Felt Good to Handle Some Bidness

Man without a team, Stephen Jackson, says it felt good to punch a fan. Jackson was referring to the 2004 brawl with fans and Detriot Pistons at the Palace. Artest fouled Ben Wallace, and Wallace over reacted. Jackson said he wasn't just reacting to what happened that night, but all the other crap players have to hear, but can't solve. “All the racial slurs I done heard,” he explained. “All the things I heard about my mom, and my basketball game and my kids, all this. It felt good to punch a fan one time.”
Stephen Jackson
The punch came following a near fight on the court. Ron
What people forget, or intentionally or otherwise, about this is that Artest did not engage Wallace. To dramatize his attempts to stay above the fray, Artest literally laid down on the scorers table. Only when a fan walked up to him and threw a beer at him from point blank range, according to Jim Gray, did are Artest handle his bidness. Jackson followed Artest in an attempt to help him. ( In what way no one has asked) While there, bidness. So sad, and dubious to hear the announcer describe Artest and Jackson and marauders. If this were a hockey game, it wouldn't have drawn, but a yawn.
another fan threw a beer in Artests' face and that's when Jackson handled his
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