Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Water Art and the iVideoStick

OK, this is one thing I would only talk about "At the Barbershop" if it was off the hook. And since I'm talking about it, you know its off the hook! I'd gone to the California College of the Arts to talk to someone about the iVideoStick. But like last summer, the folks there still didn't realize the opportunity I'm trying to give them. Something about me still owing them money from the last time I was there, I don't know. While I was being escorted off-campus by several security personnel, I see this guy standing next to a drawing on a wall. The drawing wasn't there on my way in so I, cleverly, deduce that this dude drew the drawing.
But its not like he had an easel, or one of those flat boards with a space for the thumb and a semi-circle of colored paint around the edges of the board. No. He didn't have any of that. Then I notice it, all this guy is holding is a bottle of water!
Oh hell no! He did not just draw this elaborate dog, on top of a piece of sushi (that's what he said it was. I think it looks like a fish ) on top of a samurai guy with water, did he? Marcus Lee says he's been doing this since he was in high school. He says its tough to pursue his passion in drought years.
Check out the video!

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