Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gay NFL Player? / Is Fighting In Sports Black and White?

What up? Wats da talk at the 'Shop today? Its gotta be gay! Did you hear what some teams are asking players at the NFL combine? One player from Colorado says he was asked about girls. What's next, his favorite position? The question smacks of potential discrimination depending on how the person answers, but does it also connote a rung in the ladder of social evolution.?

Here's a link to a CNN interview with a player who says he was asked by an NFL team about his sexual orientation.

The CNN anchor called it sexual preference. I'll bet you a million dollars she/CNN got a million people correcting her.

How many times have you seen a hockey fight? Very few of the brothas at the barbershop unless you saw one on sports center. Tuesday night, Golden State Warrior David Lee, pushed and got pushed. Dr. Hibbert, (Dr. Julius Hibbert is the Simpson's doctor) I mean Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers was the other participant. It wasn't that big a deal. No one got punched, no rollin' around on the Fieldhouse floor. But the NBA thought it was a big deal. Dey handed out suspensions like parking tickets on street sweeping day. But back to hockey. The NHL LETS hockey players fight! In fact, some teams keep players that a better fighters than players. So why is it that fighting in the NBA is treated like a felony and in hockey its part of the game?

Here's the link to the, ahem, fight.

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