Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aaron Rodgers, and not Greg Jennings, Started It!

Jennings remarks about "12" a retaliation, not an unprovoked attack.
Greg Jennings
The media is hounding Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings for refusing to call his QB in Green Bay by his name. During an interview with a Minneapolis newspaper Jennings called Aaron Rodgers, "12," and "the guy they have now." Jennings also accused "12" of  "of creating a "spotlight for himself'' and putting himself above the Packers team. Well, you would have thought he left the cap of the toothpaste tube, again because the media and fans went after Jennings like pissed off spouse. In fact, in a follow-up interview with other members of the media, first they made him say Aaron Rodgers, then asked him if he would apologize.
Aaron Rodgers with Jennings
Meanwhile, at a banquet last April, mild-mannered Aaron Rodgers graciously accepted the Inspirational Player of the Year award on behalf of teammate James Jones. When asked about Jennings free agent signing with the Vikings, Rodgers replied, "Greg who," the crowd erupted with oohhs. Rodgers responded with, "must be some Vikings fans in here," which, of course, elicited a chorus of boos. I don't think there's any doubt that Jennings heard about this and has been stewing for months just waiting for a chance to strike back at Rodgers. But that's what this is, retaliation. The media is portraying Jennings comments as an unprovoked attack. Its even curiouser and curiouser, that Rodgers comments never became a national story even though the crowd clearly didn't approve. I guess all that mattered then and now, was whether the media thought it was a story. Jennings, by the way, said he's not calling to apologize to Rodgers.

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